WELCOME tO Chan's Kung Fu School
At our school we equip students with Kung Fu styles as handed down by the original Masters. Besides promoting physical and mental well-being for youths and adults, our programs allow students to build confidence while providing them with the discipline that will carry them throughout their lives. Our one-on-one training empowers students to advance and progress through different levels of martial arts and self-defense training. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced martial artist looking for fitness or in-depth study, I encourage you to come in and explore the Chan's Kung Fu School. En Español

Wing Chun Kung Fu

GirlIn Wing Chun, students learn close quarter techniques. These skills allow students to take on and defeat an opponent that is much larger than themselves, in addition to being able to neutralize threats - even in narrow and confined spaces (the legendary Ip Man and Bruce Lee practiced and used these same Wing Chun techniques). Master Chan has instructed students in these self-defense techniques since the school was founded. More about our Wing Chun Program...

Youth Kung Fu

GirlYouth Kung Fu Program will encourage and build each child’s imagination, self-confidence and self worth. We provide activities and an environment that will nurture the child’s self-image. Every child is guided with positive reinforcement in all activities, always encouraged to try and try again, and is never pressured into participation of any activity. More about our Youth Kung Fu Program... En Español

Jow Ga Kung Fu

GirlJow Ga Kung Fu, we instruct students in the renowned Five Animal Techniques, in addition, students learn to use 18 different Kung Fu weapons. Emphasis on footwork, speed, and blitz attacks. When you enroll at Chan’s Kung Fu School, you take part in an ancient tradition that we have carried on for over 39 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan. More about our Jow Ga Kung Fu Program...

Tai Chi

GirlTai Chi
For a well-balanced exercise, look to our Tai Chi classes. Students learn and progress through the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. As a form of moving meditation, Tai Chi controls stress while strengthening the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. Tai Chi improves balance and reduces the risk of falls. More about our Tai Chi Program...

Little Mantis

GirlLittle Mantis Kung Fu class is a early start martial art program instilling life skills, fitness, discipline,and structure in your children's life. A perfect gift which last for life time. Little Mantis Kung Fu class meets Saturdays from 12 pm - 1 pm. More about our Little Mantis Program...



GirlJudo included throws and submission. What is unique to the art is that one does not use brute strength to over power an opponent, but rather skill, finesse and flexibility. Economy of energy, balance, and grace are the outstanding hallmarks of the good Judo practitioner. More about our Judo Program...



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